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Flowers & Tea

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Quality organic fresh ceylon tea and a gorgeous fall inspired arrangement.  A great gift for a tea lover or since this tea is loaded with antioxidants maybe a get well gift.  

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About the tea:

Weekly Flowers has recently found a new and fantastic supplier for quality tea.  The ceylon tea is grown organically and  is locally imported from Sri Lanka, it is picked, processed and packed within 24 hrs ensuring the freshness.  Made from the most valued, the rare silver tips ensures a tea with the highest levels of antioxidants! The beautiful tin was also designed locally. With Royal Ceylon you are guaranteed the best cup of tea! We have the green tea flavour which comes with a mini strainer.  Tea with keep sake tin is valued at $39.99

Weekly flowers will design a flower arrangement and place it into the tea canister sending the tea along with the parcel.  Not only will the recipient be able to enjoy many cups of tea but they will do so while enjoying these beautiful flowers.  Tis iarrangement is perfect for a centrepiece or an arrangement on a side table.

This arrangement is themed for fall, and may vary depending on availability of some fall flowers.  Although the overall look and feel will be kept.

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