14 Wedding Planning Tips That Never Fail

A wedding is arguably the most important stage in anyone’s life, precisely for the very reason it signifies the permanent cessation of loneliness and the start of a lifelong marital union. Getting it right, however, has always proven an elusive concept for couples and planners alike. Is it because too much attention is given to it in a manner that renders the whole process counterproductive? Well, this article will provide you with an in depth analysis of how to plan a successful wedding in a manner that will leave all those in attendance begging for more.


Take your time

The thrill most couples have at the thought of their wedding often leaves a majority of them so worked up that they make certain impulsive decisions and moves. It is no doubt it is poised to be your big day, but your excessive anxiety may just work against you. When planning, always remember to take decisions based on the possible logistical challenges of the event, as opposed to the anticipated excitement.

Have matters in perspective

Envisioning the bigger picture will always come in handy in trying to work out certain issues. Cases abound where many couples rush to discuss certain aspects as décor, food and wedding flowers without necessarily having put the more serious aspects such as the venue in perspective. It is important to note that once a venue is selected, certain other things naturally fall into place.

Determine your wants and needs

By splitting your needs from your wants, you will be sure to have a proper list of the necessary items in their order of importance. Remember that your needs are those basic necessities without which the wedding would not be successful, such as the venue and photography arrangements. Wants on the other side include those little aspects that add glamor to the day, but which you can also do without, such as customized favors.

Cut your coat according to your cloth

One of the most prevalent behaviors in wedding planning is stretching ones budget too thin. Many couples never seem to realize that there’s life after the wedding day and as much as the occasion calls for a unique touch, that one decision of choosing a lavish venue that’s outside your means could mean a lifelong battle with financial recovery. This also calls for haggling. If you like it so much and can’t afford to pass it, then you may want to bargain with the venue proprietors or the jewelry vendors and you may still land it.

Do not cut the wrong corners

Before you rush into making decisions on whose services to hire, you may just want to interrogate the quality of services they offer. Beware of posers and at all cost, look out for professional services offered by licensed vendors.

Remain true to yourself

Many at times when couples prepare for their wedding, opinions come from left, right and center. Some of these opinions may not necessarily be beneficial to the both of you. Take a case in point when a couple visits a flower shop and the flower vendors tries to canvas for a given color or flower pattern. It may look inviting but the question the couple may want to ask themselves is; is this what they really want? If at all possible, remain true to yourself and follow your wishes other that just any recommendations.

Think easy

Are you the sort of person who gives too much thought to anything? Well, at times you may think too hard but still not get it right. Have a balanced attitude towards every option available and give each some thought. Remember the deal is to think smart as opposed to thinking hard.

Do not be egocentric

Many couples often believe that since it is their big day, they have the freedom to take certain decisions by themselves. Consultation is key and always remember that advice from those experienced might go a long way in making the day a success. In as much as your idea may seem ideal to you, your choice for it may have been influenced by personal emotions and egocentricism, thereby negatively affecting the entire occasion.

Avoid multitasking

It is not unusual to find couples who want to play every part in the wedding planning process. Do not overstep your mandates and once you hire a professional like a photographer or flower girl, do not proceed further to instruct them on how to go about their tasks. On the other hand, you could just sit back and wait for the overall appeal and then give your opinion on the aspects you would like changed.

Legalize the process

Unknown to many, a wedding is nowadays more a legal affair than it is a social one and as such, getting all the paperwork ready and further proceeding to legalize it should be any couples priority.

Look out for your due dates

Due dates are important in helping every couple avoid the embarrassments. In particular, always remember to honor your final payment due dates as this will go a long way in giving you the assurance that the event was a success. It will also make it not appear merely as a debt you are settling but rather as normal payment for an occasion you both enjoyed.


Even when all appear to be in place, always make a point of confirming the details. You can avoid the last-minute glitches by calling the vendors to confirm the details and then issuing a timeline for the day to everyone.

Take a break

Wedding time is not just your ordinary time and it is understandable why some other things in your life have to move rather slowly. Take a break from your normal routines and avoid the hustles and bustles that characterize your ordinary life and immerse your full attention into the moment for if anything, it is your big day.

Let the honeymoon wait

It is always advisable that the honeymoon should not follow the wedding immediately. This is especially so in order for the couple to spend more time with their family and for them to get to relax and decompress even as they savor the moment. It also goes a long way in helping them take stock of what they spent on the wedding.


All in all, having a successful wedding may have proven difficult for many but by following the above easy-to-do tips and tricks, then it is no doubt you may just make the occasion a lifelong story.

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